Telephone Systems
Barrington Technology Limited draws from over 20 years of experience in the industry. Over this period they have developed an exceptional trading relationship with all the major suppliers of telecommunication equipment in the UK. This mean you are assured of not only the best prices available, but also the highest levels of service.

All Barrington Engineers are manufacturer trained which guarantees you the highest levels of service, whether installing or maintaining your equipment.

We registered resellers and installers for LG and Panasonic equipment.

Least Cost Routing
One of the best kept secrets in the world is that Barrington rates for LCR cannot be beaten. The only people to know about how competitive they are are those taking advantage of them. – So if you are reading this page and have not yet signed up, why not?

Wholesale Line Rentals
The second best kept secret in the world is that Barrington’s also offer Wholesale Line Rental. Not only does this save your company or Organisation money it also means you receive single source billing – a benefit that even your accounts department will appreciate.

Mobile Solutions
Mobile phones for many organisations are their life blood - without them they are unable to communicate with staff in the field. Barrington’s not only offer exclusive deals on mobile phones and calls, but also provide the technological links with land line based phone systems to help increase productivity and reduce costs. Imagine a seamless integration between your mobile and extension in the office – pick-up calls and deal with them or transfer them back into the system for dealing with by a college.

Thin Client Services
What is a Thin Client?
A Thin Client is a computer that gets its software and data from network servers. The central storage and automated distribution of data and applications dramatically reduces expense. It also allows one or more users to work with multiple devices at many locations with the same set of data and applications.

Are Thin Clients right for you?
Does your company...

  1. Use dumb terminals, and need more power or flexibility?
  2. Have multiple office locations and want to run on fewer IT resources?
  3. Have workers who require varying applications?
  4. Use information appliances / kiosks?
  5. Have a highly standardized office environment?
  6. Require regular software upgrades at a central and/or satellite offices?
  7. Have concerns about data and software security?
  8. Distribute applications and data over a network?
  9. Have limited or overwhelmed IT resources or want to offer end-user support remotely?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions Thin Clients could be right for you. Call us on 08450 341 123 or email office@barrington.co.uk to find out more about this advancing technology.

Thin Clients are right for you if any of the following are true:

  • You are using standard applications, especially Windows 2000 certified
  • You are not currently running a managed environment
  • Your enterprise is very distributed, with many WAN links
  • Your LAN requires upgrading
  • Your client devices are nearing replacement date

Benefits of choosing thin clients over PCs:

  • Secure
    Offers the highest possible levels of security your organisation could require.

  • Thin Client software access and upgrades are done on the server. This means protection from viruses, and desktop control.

  • Economical
    Less expensive and more reliable, Thin Clients cost less to purchase initially, and they are cheaper to manage and operate than PCs. Upgrades and patches, will be more efficient, and IT repairs will be less frequent.

  • Versatile
    Run PC applications without PC management. A variety of terminal emulations and operating systems can be used with a thin client.

Thin Clients solve these problems for you:

  1. Meet your IT budget -Save 30%-70% of your IT costs.
  2. No more upgrading company desktop systems every 2 years
  3. Eliminate renegade desktops
  4. Worry less about security
  5. Spend less time and resources on your help desk

Wireless Networks
Ever increasing in popularity, wireless networks in the office environment are now extremely popular and very secure. Offering employees to move freely around the office using their laptops provide greater flexibility and use of the workspace available.

Barrington’s solution for your wireless operation offer flexibility linked with the sound security to retain the systems integrity.

Hacking of commercial and industrial computer systems is now on the decrease thanks to modern firewall technology. Barrington’s pride themselves in having installed some extremely efficient systems in the last few years.

Maintenance & Support
The final line of defence against the gremlins is a maintenance and support package from Barrington Technology Limited.

Contracts are available for a standard 5 day a week 8 hour response through to 24/7 support with minimum response times for all maintainable office equipment and machinery including computers and servers. Remote access if available can further benefit contracts offering the ability for faults to be addressed remotely without the time consuming wait for an engineer to arrive on site.

Payment for contracts can be made annually, quarterly or monthly by direct debit.