Closed Circuit Television Cameras are everywhere these days, in shops, in offices, in the street you walk down everyday, in sports grounds and now even in homes. And used correctly, your CCTV can be designed and installed to protect and monitor your premises around the clock.

Today's CCTV products are very sophisticated, with some products very small and discreet. Whatever your requirement Barrington Technology Limited has the experience and staff to fulfil your requirements.

CCTV systems can be designed to suit the requirements of customers needs and Barrington Technology Limited would be delighted to offer our services to meet and discuss with potential CCTV customers. CCTV instillations can be very basic to full auto-motion and zoom systems, and even wireless systems.

Fire and Smoke Alarms
Barrington Technology Limited install Commercial (and Domestic) Fire and Smoke detection systems to BS 5839 Parts 1 and 6 approved standards.

Commercial fire alarm systems and domestic smoke alarms are essential parts of today's electrical installation.

Barrington Technology Limited can install both types of systems, from fire alarm panel with detectors, sounders and break glass points to interlinked mains powered with battery back up smoke detectors installed in your home.

Even the very basic battery operated smoke alarm installed in your home, will go a long way to helping you protect your premises and most importantly yourself. This is why at Barrington Technology Limited we can supply and install a battery operated smoke detector in your home for a very low price - please contact us for details.

Smoke alarms should be tested regularly by pressing the test button every week and it is recommended that batteries within the smoke detectors be replaced every six months.

Security Alarms
Domestic and Commercial premises need protected from theft and vandalism. That is a sad fact of life today. But there are many steps you can take though to protect your premises from these problems and two of them are Security Alarms and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

Barrington Technology Limited currently installs and maintains many different types of wireless and hard-wired security alarms. Security Alarms installations will vary in price depending on the type of premises needing protected and any extra security features which are added to the basic security alarm system.

Basic systems include internal panel with built in or remote code keypads, motion detectors, window and door contacts, break glass detectors and external sounder, but with the addition of an internal sounder, auto telephone dialler (to family and friends) and smoke and heat detectors, it does not take long to build up a comprehensive security alarm system and most importantly at an affordable price for good quality alarm products.

Access Control
The Barrington Technology Limited Access Control range is a modular system that offers a wide variety of controller and card technologies using distributed intelligence. It combines ease of use with high security Access Control. All the controllers can operate in either a stand alone mode or be combined to form a complete system controlled by a Personal Computer.

Controllers used in a stand alone mode are easy to program by either a set of programmable cards or by way of an integral number pad where applicable. Access to the programming mode is restricted by either a Password or by the use of a Master Card created at the time of installation.

Controllers have a standard capacity of approximately 2000 cards. All controllers can operate in either a card or a card plus PIN mode to further enhance the security of the system

Various high security features are available depending on the model of controller, such as Time Zones, Dual Custody, Escort and Supervisor mode to further enhance security and to safeguard against abuse. To add an extra level of security all controllers are provided with inputs to monitor door position and anti tamper switches. Some controllers have output relays to activate on a programmed alarm condition such as Door Left Open or Invalid Card.

Proximity Readers
The readers are all unobtrusive and slim line. They are sealed in a rugged, weatherised polycarbonate enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments as well as provide a high degree of vandal resistance and have a built in self test facility which checks the reader at power-up.

The proximity readers interface with the Barrington range of access control systems.

Presenting the card within range of the reader is all that is required to allow access, assuming the appropriate permissions have been assigned.

Upgrades of existing swipe type access control installations to proximity technology is simple by changing the existing reader heads and cards.

The access cards are thin and durable, approximately the size of a standard credit card. In addition there is a proximity key fob available, small enough to carry on a key ring for ease of use. The read range is dependent on the type of card and reader

Bollards, Gates, Grilles
The strongest deterrents to any criminal or vandal are physical devices such as Bollard, Gates, Grilles and Fences. Most thieves and vandals want a quick and easy way in and back out to ensure the most possible time to work their business.

They are quick and costs effective to install and maintain and offer a high degree of security to most environment, particularly when used in conjunction with other forms of security such as alarms and cameras.

Staff Personal Alarms
From simple handbag sized devices through to sophisticated panic buttons for sensitive working areas – your staff’s security should be of paramount importance to you.