CAT 5e/CAT6 Data Cabling
With the continued development of high performance networks and the advent of new technologies including Voice over IP, Gigabit and Ethernet, the need for correctly designed and installed future-proofed structured cabling systems is now greater than ever.

At Barrington we are able to satisfy these needs, providing category 5e and category 6 network designs and installation, based upon the latest BS/EN50174 standards. Every system is tested to TSB67/95/D11 and comes complete with a written report as proof of compliance.

Fibre Optic
For many years it has been appreciated that the use of optical (light) waves as a carrier wave provides an enormous potential bandwidth. Optical carriers offer in the region of three to six orders of magnitude higher than microwave frequencies. In addition to the bandwidth potential, optical fibre communication offers a number of additional benefits:

  • Size, weight, flexibility. Optical fibres have very small diameters. A very large number of fibres can be carried in a cable the thickness of a coaxial cable.

  • Electrical isolation. Optical fibres are almost completely immune from external fields. They do not suffer from cross-talk, radio interference, etc.

  • Security. It is difficult to tap into an optical line. It is extremely difficult to tap into an optical line unnoticed.

  • Low transmission loss. Modern optical fibre now has better loss characteristics than coaxial cable. Fibres have been fabricated with losses as low as.

Barrington’s engineering team are able to offer you technical advice and then deliver the services to ensure your organisation takes the greatest advantages possible from this technology – from simply installing the cable to media conversion and beyond.

From a single light or socket to ring mains and complete rewiring Barrington’s ECA quality stamp will be with you all the way. You are assured of the highest quality work and sympathetic engineers who are well reversed at working in the commercial environment.

With the additional benefit of PAT testing and reporting you know you are with a winning team.

Audio Visual
Barrington’s have an enviable track record for the installation of speakers, lighting, screens and output devices (DVD players). Let us be your guide to kitting out and operating a training suite that operates efficiently and smoothly every time.